Why K & K?

KandK Beauty: Korean and Kawaii Beauty!

Why this name? We are specialized in Korean and Japanese beauty products.

K: Korean for South Korean products
K: "Kawaii" for Japanese products. This term means "cute" in Japanese, but means much more than that. The word was largely exported all over the world and is especially used to refer Japanese pop culture.

Who are we?

We are neither a website based in Asia, nor an unknown reseller who has decided to sell products (from unknown sources) on an online platform to round off his ends of the month.

K & K Beauty is a real and 100% French company, based in Toulouse in the south of France. An e-shop that wants to offer a personalized experience to each customer. Therefore, the products have been selected with care, having only one obsession: the satisfaction of all!

We only have authentic products, supplied by official distribution channels. We only present cosmetics, approved for sale in Europe and that have all necessary certifications. Our products are also registered on the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) and thus have passed all the validation steps.

Our goal is to offer our customers unique and innovative products, while allowing them to benefit from the same guarantees as the cosmetics produced and usually sold in Europe.

Origins of the project:

The idea sprang up after an inspiring and instructive travels to Japan and subsequently to South Korea. After that, I discovered a whole new way of doing my beauty routine.

Indeed, k-beauty and J-beauty are particularly focused on the upfront cares that you can apply to your skin. As a result, there is less need for makeup. In other words: "Prevention is better than cure! ". This is the antithesis of current beauty trends in the West, which focus particularly on makeup.

I was amazed by the scale and progress of Korean and Japanese cosmetics. Many of their products do not exist in Europe yet and have no equivalent. I then realized that the Korean and Japanese cosmetics trends are well ahead and take years to popular in Europe.

On the spot I bought a lot of products. I tested and adopted the majority. When I returned to France, I wanted to renew them. I then realized that it was very complicated. Most were not found in stores, only a few websites ware selling them. I was not very confident about buying there.

Part of these products being sold illegally by e-shops or resellers who want to have some extra-money, who are supplied directly in Asia (wich is illegal unless the non-EU brand has an official representant in Europe who takes responsibility of the product and that you buy from him). The other e-shops are based in Asia and sell these cosmetics without any certification. The most dangerous is that, some of this product cannot be sold in Europe because of their composition, or production process or simply because they are not registred in the European portal ….

It was then that I had the idea to launch an online store specializing in Korean and Japanese cosmetics. Nevertheless, I did not start right away. Being an engineer by education and profession, I hesitated before starting. But my desire to make the French and even all the European women discover this product finally resurfaced. I realized that some major brands were starting to take on some of the beauty trends I had seen in Korea that did not exist at all in France or Europe the time I discovered them in Korean and Japan.

I had confirmation at that time, that kbeauty and jbeauty, deserved to be better known in Europe. I decided: to get started! To offer you a range of products that I selected myself! To allow the greatest number to discover these wonderful unique products by: their compositions, their origins, their efficiency and their incredible packaging!